March 17, 2012

Ashley's Baby Shower

Today I have a great post for you …. But be warned it is long and has lots of pics!!

Last month my good friend Laura came to me with some ideas for her sister Ashley’s baby shower. Both Laura and Ashley love birds and wanted place cards and a banner with a bird theme. So I gathered all my bird stamps, dies, chipboard etc, along with some ideas for the banner and let them see what they liked best.

Laura, Ashley and their mom Nancy found some great pattern paper, cardstock and picked out a little bird for the place cards. They choose the flag style they liked, and found some lovely pink and green fabric.

The ladies also found a great idea for center pieces made from paper circle, jars, and branches!! AND they made gorgeous little bird houses!!! They were wonderful and let me see all the decorations and take pictures of everything the night before the shower.  :)

So here we go, first the tables with center pieces and place cards:

Aren't these center pieces awesome!!??!!  The circles are just die cut from the pattern paper the ladies picked out and i just added a little ink the edges. They filled the jars with pebbles, moss and the branches. Then wrapped the jars with burlap, raffia, and ribbon. From the same pattern paper i used my cricut to cut small birdies and they are just tucked in between the raffia and burlap.

And here are some close ups of the jars:

Oh these little bird houses are so cute!! No two are a like!! Laura, Ashley and Nancy did a great job!!!

Close ups of the a few placecards in my light tent:

Ashely picked out the font used for the place cards and for the banner. She also picked out the little bird. You can also better see some of the pattern paper that they picked out. This little birdie is a chipboard piece. I traced, cut out and then inked up each birdie.

Next up is the banner. It was tied across the fireplace. At each end of the fireplace are 2 more branch and jar decorations, each with a pink bird. In front of the fire place the ladies used antique birdcages filled with moss and bird nest with eggs! Ashley picked out the fabric i used for the the letters and the little birdie in the middle is the same bird i used for the jar birdies.

The banner is my favorite part! Each flag is adjustable on the twill ribbon. After the baby shower it is going in the baby's room!

Last i am sharing a couple pics of the card made for Ashley. I messed up making a few placecards and i used one of the mistakes to make the bird on the card (same used in the jars & banner). I had 2 small scraps of fabric and  I sewed them across the card front, bunching as i went. A little bit of twine, tiny tag and a small button add a few finishing touches.

Wow, are you still with me? I think this is my longest post ever!! Thanks for sticking to the end!!



  1. So many details...what a lovely thing to do for someone :)

  2. Hi Dana! What a fun project! I just brought in a couple of budding branches that the winter ripped off some trees...and this will be a perfect idea for my foyer table! thanks for the inspiration!