September 27, 2013

Card Making Manual - Results & Winner

Hello everyone!

I have the results from my Card Making Manual and the winner of the giveaway! First the results! I had a total of 57 people complete the survey, which is awesome!!! I told my mom, i'll like only get 12 responses! Thank you so much for taking the time to complete it!! It really helped in determining what goes in my Card Making Manual.

The Results:
Age Range Sex How long have you been card making?
16-19 2% Male 2% 1-2 Years 19%
20-29 11% Female  98% 3-5 Years 19%
30-39 21% 5-9 Years 23%
40-49 13% 10+ Years 39%
50-59 10%
60+ 6%
How did you start card making? What resources did you use when learning about card making?
Friend/Family 34% Books 33%
Magazine 7% Magazines 65%
Online/Blogs 12% Blogs 47%
Local Scrapbooking Store 12% Videos 37%
Scrapbooked First 34% Internet 35%
Classes 42%
Other 14%
Do you primarily use Stamps or Scrapbook elements on your cards? Do you also scrapbooks?
Stamps (mostly) 35% Yes 65%
Scrapbook elements (mostly) 4% No 35%
Mix of both 61%
Do you then/now participate in other crafts?
Yes 88%
No 12%

The hardest techniques to learn was coloring, followed by masking and designing. The easiest technique was stamping, then embossing and die cutting.

The results of the survey show that Design, Stamping and technique information was the most frustrating things about card making. The easiest included die cutting and pattern papers. And the majority of people wanted to see techniques in the perfect Card Making Manual, followed by pictures and step by step instructions and design principles.

I really appreciate everyone who took the time to complete my Card Making Manual Survey! It has really helped me decide on the best layout and content for my manual.

Now on to the winner of my Giveaway! I used to find the winner:
The winner is Miriam Prantner!!  Yeah!!! I will get your box of goodies in the mail today!

Thanks again everyone!!!  Oh and make sure you stop by tomorrow! It's my day on the Sweet Stamp Shop Blog!



  1. Hi Dana, great survey results! I find it fascinating that so many people learned about crafting from magazines, yet that seems to be the one thing that is now dwindling. (Unfortunate, too...I do love a good card magazine in hand!) Good luck with your work now that you have the survey results!

  2. great resource! congrats to miriam too!