July 22, 2014

Be Happy


Today i have cute and simple card! I used a super old chipboard sticker, you click here to see why i'm mentioning it!! It will be the last card in awhile that has these stickers. Not because i have given up using up completing the whole chipboard sheet and rub on thing, but because its the last 2.5 weeks of the semester and this past weekend there was a nice lull that let me work ahead on my cards. In fact i completed 10 cards this weekend!! I got DT stuff done, did a card for a challenge and a few just for the fun of it. So i'll be showcasing those cards and because making cards over the next couple weeks will be sketchy!!!

Dana Warren - Kraft Paper Stamps - The Alley Way Stamps

Ok on to the card! First i used a Tim Holtz stencil and some blue ink and lightly inked up a background that you can't really see in the picture! This is the second card that i've done this on and you would think i would learn to ink it a bit darker...but noooo...!! :D

Dana Warren - Kraft Paper Stamps - The Alley Way Stamps

Next i pulled out Bee Unique from The Alley Way Stamps and stamped the bee on some yellow pattern paper. I cut her out and add some wings. I then stamped the tiny flower that is in the same set all over the background. With a black marker i added centers to the flowers.

I added the be happy chipboard sticker, then the bee with foam dots. See, fun and cute! I also made this last week before my weekend card marathon!!

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  1. You can JUST see it in the second pic! I love that bee :) So happy! Good luck with the end of term crunch :)

  2. Eeee...how cutie-patootie is this bee, sporting his little 'triangle' fashion, and buzzing through a field of flowers. Your chipboard sticker is the perfect addition; such an impact! Good luck on the last bout of the semester! You'll rock your courses!