July 12, 2017

Art Impressions Hoop Art


Are you a fan of Art Impressions Watercolor Stamps?? Today, I have a noncard idea!! Use your stamps to create some wall decor with an embroidery hoop!! It's super easy!!

Dana Warren - Kraft Paper Stamps - Art Impressions
I started with watercolor card stock and the following AI stamps: WC SentimentsWC CatsWC Small ContainersWC Flower. To color the stamps I used Distress Markers. I lost my list of markers I used, but you can see the colors I used in the photo and can customize them to fit your decor!

When I was stamping the cat and container I used AI's stamp positioner. As I stamped the images I would also scribble the marker ink on the palette, using a paintbrush and watercolor to add color and details. 

Dana Warren - Kraft Paper Stamps - Art Impressions

Once everything was dry I placed the inside hoop around the image and lightly traced around the outside of it. Along with this line, I used a bone folder to crease a circle. It's not going to perfect as it's hard to crease in a circle!!! I worked the paper to bend the cardstock at the crease, all the way around the circle. 

Dana Warren - Kraft Paper Stamps - Art Impressions

Next, I cut the paper around the circle leaving about 1/4 between the crease and edge. Then I made cuts all around the circle stopping at the crease. I added double sided tape to the outside of the inside hoop circle. I centered the image on top the hoop and pressed the tabs I cut onto the tape, working my way around the hoop, but also making sure the image stays centered in on the hoop. Last, I added the top hoop, tightening the screw at the top. 

Now you have a pretty handmade decor to add to your wall or give as a gift!!

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