April 22, 2014


Hi there!!

Last week i did a little experiment! I used glue with a stencil!! Yep you read that right! Glue!! I used a nice somewhat thick (you don't what it runny, like Elmer's glue!) white glue that dries clear. I wasn't sure how they well the glue would spread or how it would look after lifting the stencil, but it worked really nice. Probably would work with a stencil that is very detailed though!
Dana Warren - Kraft Paper Stamps

Once i lifted the glue i added first the gold glitter (this glitter is big and chunky!!), however i did leave some spots not covered. I quickly shook off the excess and then added purple glitter, then i gently pressed the glitter into the glue a little, figured it would help hold the glitter. Then i shook off the excess purple glitter and put it back in the tube.

Dana Warren - Kraft Paper Stamps

I came back much later in the day or the next day (can't remember!) and the glue held the glitter nicely, only a stray fleck or two comes off if you really shack the card.

Dana Warren - Kraft Paper Stamps

Since i didn't really want to cover my lovely medallion (and yes it really is a medallion, though after editing the photos i thought it look like a snowflake! The glitter blurs the edges a bit!) i die cut a banner and stamped the sentiment from the TAWS stamp set Enchanted. I think the sentiment went wonderfully with the sparkle of my medallion!

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Stamps: The Alley Way Stamps - Enchanted
Glitter: Stampendous
Die: PTI - Double Ended Banner
Stencil: Momenta


  1. I am definitely going to have to try this! I love the results!

  2. Seriously gorgeous! What a clever idea, Dana - and I love the colours :)

  3. Fabulous technique with gorgeous results! Sparkle and glitter perfection!!