January 9, 2017

Spectrum Noir - Colorista on HSN


I'm stopping by with another HSN peek! Spectrum Noir's Colorista is back with some new products along with the Colorista markers.

Dana Warren - Kraft Paper Stamps - Crafter's Companion

First I colored two sheets with my Colorista markers. My plan was to place these into embroidery hoops, so I didn't color the whole sheet but instead colored a circular area of each sheet. Then I had to go to Joann's to get some hoops!! ;)  Of course, I brought along my sheets so I could make sure the hoops I got were not too big!!

Dana Warren - Kraft Paper Stamps - Crafter's Companion

Now I have never used paper with hoops so it was touch and go for away! But I can say, don't use water to soften the paper!!! It didn't work so I had to use that paper with my smaller hoop and color a little bit more of the other paper so it would fit in the larger hoop!

Dana Warren - Kraft Paper Stamps - Crafter's Companion

But I found that if I placed the inside hoop on my paper and scored around the outer side with a bone folder I was able to bend the paper over the inside hoop. To help keep the paper in place I added double sided adhesive along that the outer hoop and then pressed the paper to the adhesive. I found that I could pull the paper too much and short the other side, so I started pressing the paper in two spots opposite of each other and then worked my way around from both spots.

Dana Warren - Kraft Paper Stamps - Crafter's Companion

When it was all pressed down I placed the outer hoop over the inner hoop and tighten the screw. I did it all again with the smaller hoop. Now they are ready to hang!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Make sure you tune in tomorrow! I'll be back tomorrow with another HSN product project!


Spectrum Noir Colorista - Markers and Floral Coloring Pad.