August 27, 2020

Altenew - Sewing & Watercolors


I'm stopping by with a project  - not a card - Shocking, I know!!! Hehe! Altenew has a sewing contest and I knew I had to try a few things! You have find all the info here, if you want to play along, but hurry it ends the 31st!!

So for a while I've been wanting to try watercoloring on my cross stitch fabric. I've been cross stitching longer then I've been card making!! I had some 28 ct white evenweave that I cut up to experiment with. 

I found that using a lot water with the watercolors was the best way to add color to the fabric. First I would add the watercolor to the fabric, then add water and work it into the fabric. To make the color darker and brighter I would add more watercolor (with lots of water). If the watercolor is more intense (more pigment, then water) then it was splotching on the fabric and didn't move through the fabric . But lots of water with a little pigment, would spread much easier.

After doing my watercoloring I let the fabric dry over night. The next day I came back and used the butterfly from the Ori Kami stamp set. I just used regular memento black ink, stamping lightly. 

Then I started stitching! I used three threads of black floss and did long stitches over the stamped butterflies. A little tip for you, there is no need to use knots to start or finish your stitching. Just leave a tail when you start and as you stitch, your stitches will hold the tail. When you are done stitching, just thread your needle through your stitching on the back, then trim the extra. 

To finish the stitching I used iron interfacing on the back, this helps strengthen your fabric,  holds your wrong side stitching in place and and lessons the chance for edge fraying. From the craft store I found a simple black frame for my stitching!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'll be back in a day or two with my second project for the contest!!


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